5 best ways to make money from a blog

There are so many ways to earn money from a blog but few most important and good ways to make money from a blog is …

Google Ad sense
Yahoo Publisher
Ad Space Rent
Link Shortening
Affiliate Marketing

Google Ad sense:

Google Ad sense is a program of Google and they serve content related ads on your blog if you follow their rules and when visitors click or see these ads you will be paid by Google Ad sense.

Ad sense earning

 You can earn 0.02 to 115 dollars for a click. It is called CPC (Cost per click). To earn more you need to research high CPC (Cost per click) keyword and have to write content on that keyword.  

If you can get 3000 – 5000 unique visitors daily then you can earn lots of money from your blog. For 3000 unique visitors Google may pay ~3$ and you can earn more 10$ from clicks on ads. If you are an expert in placing Google Ad sense ad code in your blog then you can make 20$ from the clicks.

If you don’t have enough unique visitor, according my research if you have 350 unique visits daily then you can also make 5 dollars daily, want to know it! Read…

Ad sense earning report …
Regular earning report

Darren Rowse earns per day 1000$ from his blog, so why should not you?

Yahoo publisher:

Yahoo publisher is a program of Yahoo and it also serves content related ads on blogs. Its features are as same as Google Ad sense.  You can also try it with Google Ad sense ads in your blog. I am telling you to use it beside Google’s ad because it also serves high quality ad who’s CPC is also very good.

Rent AD Space:

If there are lots of unique visitors in your blog daily then it is very easy to rent ad space in your blog. You can earn 100-1500$ from renting ad space in your blog. Go to digital point forum there you will get lots of interested people. The digital point forum is a good market place also. Or you can try warrior forum.  Those two are the best market place for blogger and internet marketer.  To get unique visitors on the blog daily you need to rank up your blog in Google in a specific keyword.  Read…

Link Shortening:

This is a killer idea of making some extra money when your visitors are downloading content from your blog.  If you send them 1k unique visitor then they will pay you 0.40 to 5 $ depending upon the country. For 1k unique USA visitor they pay up to 5 dollars. So if on your blog you have enough traffic then it is also a good idea for making some extra money. But you have to careful to use this service because there is a chance to lose some traffic too. Read…

Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is the best ways to make money from a blog. If you are making money from content marketing then it is a good chance for you make some extra cash from affiliate marketing on your blog. If you can write killer reviews and if you are blogging in a niche then you can make lots of sell. But first you need to know how to write a killer review. I recommend you to read….

I hope you have enjoyed the five pillar ideas to make money from a blog. I recommend you to use it in your blog. 

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