Panda and penguin verified SEO strategies

Google panda and penguin has placed great effects in Search engine optimization.  SEO experts are in the problem, they are changing their SEO strategies with Google’s algorithms. Google is always trying to give you the best services but we always try to cheat with Google. We want to make money from our poor content and it is really a cheat with people.  So Google announced “CONTENT IS KING” and they are still trying to give the majority to the unique and best content.  I am also with Google. If your content is good and if your blog does not have any internal problems then let’s start with me.

I try to follow the rules of Google.  When I market my blog and make SEO strategies then I do it very simply. What I do is…

1.Do-follow Social bookmark
     2. Article marketing
     3.   Blog commenting
     4. Facebook, Twitter and Google plus sharing

     Is it not simple?

      Do-follow social bookmark:

    Per day 10 sign up and in 30 days it would be 300 and that is enough. Sign up in social bookmarking website and verify the mail and complete the profile filling up the forms and try to complete its 100%. Put your blog address as the home page of your blog in the profile and write down about yourself in the profile and put your blog address also there.  When it is completed then bookmark your blog posts as much as you can. 

     Article marketing:

    Article marketing is the best for keyword ranking for your blog. Most people are working hard for keyword ranking for their blog. They are blog commenting, forum signing up, .Edu link building, .Gov link building etc.  They are actually spamming when they are placing a comment with anchor text in government website and Google count this comment as spam.  But in article directory you will find niche categories and it is very powerful link building system that internet marketers, SEO specialists are doing now. 

Basically most of the article directories are in high page rank and you can place a link in the about me section with anchor text. So when you are writing about yourself then place your keyword with anchor text and you are getting a high quality related link to your blog and the link is highly approved by Google. It may take about 2-8 weeks to approve an article. One high quality link is 100 times better than a low quality link so if you can build 100 high quality links from article marketing then it will work as 100*100 = 10,000 low quality links.  So what have you got from article marketing, you are getting high quality related links and you are saving time and your blog will go in high page rank very soon.  

    Blog commenting:

    Blog commenting is another best way for ranking a website but it needs to place a comment in a do-follow niche related blog. If you place a comment in a un-related do-follow blog then your link will be counted as poor link and if your blog has so many poor links then your blog may go down in Google page rank. So be careful about link building strategies. Comment love blogs are do-follow blog and you can place your latest article URL in the blog and if you place ten comments on a blog then you can also place your keyword with anchor text. You can drive lots of traffic from this kind of blog by placing a comment. 

Read the below article….

     Facebook, Twitter, G+:

    Google believes if your content is good then people will like it and they will share it in social networking websites because people wants to share the good things in social networking sites. So share your contents on social networking sites as much as you can and it will drive you huge traffic. 
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I think you have read the above article and now I am summing it up. I have done 300 high page rank do-follow bookmarks for ranking my blog and driving traffic to my blog and article submission for keyword ranking for my blog and blog commenting to drive niche related traffic and also for keyword ranking and I have used social share for going viral in social networks.

 The above method is a fair white hat method for ranking a website and the SEO strategies is really a very good one for them who is honest and wants to be stable in Google page rank. Be fair to Google!

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