Avoid 13 ways to make money from your blog

Many of the best bloggers are earning a thousand dollars daily from their blog then why shouldn't you? You have some problem with your blogging. I have found 13 ways that you will never do...

1. Our first destination is making money so we create a blog and post unnecessary things and try to increase traffic for earning money.

2. We don’t spend enough time to our blog rather we like to invest our time into SEO (Search engine optimization).

3. Most of the time we don’t do any On-Page SEO.

4. We can’t write quality content for our blog. We spin and copy- paste content and the content is not 100% unique.

5. We don’t follow many rules of Google when we create a blog so the Google robot cannot index our blog properly.

6. We can’t place an ad on our blog so we get poor clicks.

7. We write everything in a blog and it is not good for keyword ranking.

8. We select low competitive keyword for ranking our blog quickly so the cost per click is low.

9. We don’t like to read and don’t like to use our brain.

10. We don’t have enough time for blogging.

11. Know blogging very well but don’t know Keyword research.

12. Don’t know how to use Google analytics for checks blog’s performance.

13. Hesitate to contact with readers.

There may be some more but I found those 13 ways that most of the bloggers posses. So try to avoid those and earn more money from your blog.

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