16 legitimate ways to make money online

Money is a big factor in life, everybody wants money. They are always busy to make money.  The virtual world has brought a great chance for those who want to make some extra money online beside their day job. A man can make money online with a computer, isn't that so crazy! If a person can do his business properly on the internet then he can earn lots of money, I think 10 times bigger than his day job.  There are so many ways to make money online but here I am discussing 34 legitimate ways to make money online.

1.       Blogging: In my opinion blogging is one of the best ways to make money online.  A good blogger can earn 25 – 60 k $ per year. Darren Rowse, the world famous blogger earns more than 1k (1000$) dollar per day, John Chow earns 40k in a month.  So why shouldn't you? You can read this blog post…

2.       Article writing: If you have extensive knowledge in English and if you are interested in writing articles then this is the great chance for you to make money online by writing articles. You can sell your article for 2 to 50 dollars. This is a good job. There are lots of writer hiring website who pay writers for their articles or you can work as a freelancer article writer. Checks out article outsource websites…

3.       Writing product reviews: There are lots of products on e-bay, Amazon, BigE-Commerce. You can earn money writing reviews for those products. Read this blog post…

4.       Freelance work:  Freelance work is one of the good ways to make money online. There are some legitimate freelance market place like..

a.       oDesk
b.      Freelancer
c.       Elance
d.      Guru
e.      Microworkers

I recommend you to work on Elance and freelancer because in this market place there is a minimum budget for any work. But in oDesk, clients may offer you 1$ for a work that would take 2 hours. You will enjoy working in elance. I love working with Elance. There are hundreds of works there. Sign up there and place a bid there.  Check out the below post…

5.       Social network: Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus is a good source of making money. About 100 million people use Facebook so it is a very good website for reaching to targeted people. A young boy named Joseph earns 40k dollar from twitter. Twitter has about 150 million registered users. To make money from Facebook please read the below post.

6.       Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. There are many good affiliate networks like click bank, Amazon, e-bay, cj etc. but those three are excellent.  Read…

7.       Selling your own photos: One good ways to make money online is selling your own photos. You need to sign up on those websites and upload your photos when user download your photos you will be paid and the payment is really nice.  There are lots of photo selling website, check out the below websites…

a.       Crestock
b.      Shutterstock
c.       Alamy
d.      123rf
e.      Dreamstime
f.        Getty Images
g.       Fotolia
h.      iStockphoto
i.         Big Stock Photo
j.        Alaska stock
k.       Microstock Man
l.         Camerocks
m.    Zenfolio
n.      Gnarly Sunset
o.      Global Eye
p.      FeaturePics
q.      Pixmac
r.        Imagekind
s.       Devianart
t.        Cafepress
u.      Redbubble
v.       Depositphotos

8.       Mircroworkers: Microworkers is a freelance website and a place for making money from micro jobs. There is no need to place a bid for job. The rate of every work is 0.05$ to 5$ and if your account reach 10$ then you can apply for withdrawing money. Money can be withdrawn by Paypal and by moneybookers (skrill). But it is possible to earn 10$ daily, just need to know the tricks. Read…

9.       Online survey: Online survey is one of the best ways to make money online.  There are so many survey sites those pays regularly. When you are working for a survey company for making money please read review about the company on the web because most of the survey companies are scam. So after reading review from forum then start working and make money online doing survey.

10.   Amazon & E-bay: Open a store in Amazon or in E-bay and sell products and earn money. 

11.   Writing an e-book: If you are a writer and you want to make money online then your writing skill may help you to make few thousand dollars every month.  Write an e-book and sell it online. You can sell it on Amazon, E-bay or in BigE-commerce. 

12.   Social Bookmark: Social bookmark is one of the easiest ways to make money online. There are about 1000 do-follow social bookmark websites and if you sign up about 500 social bookmark websites then you can sell your bookmark services online. There are lots of people in fiver, digital point and in worrior forum who are ready to pay your for your services. So sign up in do-follow bookmark websites and start to make money online.

13.   Forex trading: Forex is the biggest share market on online. You can make money online by doing forex trading. You can learn it by playing demo. If you creat an account in forex trading website then they will give you some virtual money to invest it in real market. By doing forex you can become milloniore in a day if you are lucky !

14.   Forum post: You can make money online by forum posting.  It is a micro job, every day you log in the forum and post your content. There are various rules for various forums and they pay differently. But I think every posts should have 100 words and if it is verified then payment may be  10 -25 cent. There is a limit of posting content in every 24 hours. But as I told before, read reviews on Google before to make money from forum posting.

Possible earning: 30$-50$/month

15.   Write as a guest author: So you are a good writer and you want to make money online ! Don’t worry, lets see how to find a writing jobs. Search your interested keyword on Google and check out the good page rank blog and you will see some people are hiring guest author. You can check out  Problogger, there you may get a job.  

16.   Swagbucks: What should you do if you have chance to make money online by playing games and seeing videos ? Yes, it is a funny way to make money online.  

Possible earning: 5$-10$/month


  1. It is advisable that if you are new at money making business then you must try blogging to earn money which is available free of cost.

    Johnny Depp

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    1. Yes Johny,

      Blogging is one of the best ways to make money from internet. I appreciate blogging. I know how much money John Chow, Darren Rowse, Harsh Agarwal, Amit Agarwal etc. are earning from Blogging.

      But there is one problem that is it is a long time process. According to Darren Rowse it takes about 4-5 years to build up a blog successfully. I have seen Jeff Bullas, he has build up his blog within 4 yesrs and Harsh withing 5 years.

      Thanks for your good proposal...

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    1. Hello Dora,

      So many thanks for your new ideas. You have included one in the list of 16 ways. You are welcome.

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