Secrets of writing killer product review

So you have decided to make money online; that’s crazy! What do you do when you are ready to buy a product online? I know it very well, you search for a review and if the review draws the attention of you then you buy it. Isn't that true? Yes, I think so.

So from your personal view consider the matter, you are buying a product reading a review. So if I can write a killer review than I can do sell. Am I sure?  

So we came into the final decision that a killer review can increase sell. According to SEO specialist if you can write SEO friendly article then 80% SEO is about to complete. So in this writing I will try to show you how to write SEO friendly killer reviews for increasing sell of a product.

I think that you have researched the product and you have decided to sell it in the web.  Let’s start it…

1. Firstly, research for the high volume keyword, to research keyword you can hire a keyword research expert or you can do it yourself. There are lots of keyword research tools and you use two of them and select 5 keywords in your niche.

2. Find your product related best product and study on it and find out the demerits of it.

3. Start writing your review. To write an SEO friendly killer content read the below article…
                   Secrets of writing killer content

4. Compare the two products and show that your product is not best but good.

5. Write the review in between 1500 to 5000 words.

6. In your writings add a video to use your product.

7. Link to a forum where people are talking about the product

8. Write about products that you have used in your life.

9. In your writing, try to make the reader understand that you have used it and you are satisfied with it.

10. Don’t over react!

11. Encourage people to buy it. 

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