Why shouldn't you use the cheapest or free web hosting services?

Affordable web hosting may be a good deal for you but there are not really helpful for your business. There are so many problems with a free or cheap web hosting services. I am discussing those problems here.

If you want to run a small business, personal blog or website then free and affordable web hosting may be a good selection. But if you are agree to spend few bucks per month then paid hosting may be an excellent deal. If you don’t want to spend money then I recommend you to start your web page or blog at blogger.com. Because blogger and Wordpress are two best blogging platforms and if you want to earn some money then you can use Google Adsense or affiliate links on your blog. Blogger.com is better than the wordpress.com for commercial site because Blogger.com is a service of Google and it is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly.

free web hosting services

Free web hosting belongs the below problems:-

   o   Free hosting has sponsored ads when people click on those advertisements then they will get some money. So you are helping them to make some money to promote your website. Your website promotion means to promote their ads also.

   o   Bandwidth and disk space are given by the hosting services are very basic and very small in quantity.

   o   There is no SSL certificate so your client’s credit card and personal data is not secure.

   o   Very basic and old technology is used and the loading time of your site is very poor.

   o   The software they used is backdated and even they do not update the software.

   o   Online support is not good as you are not paying them so they don’t care about your problems with the hosting.

So if you want to make money online then buy a web host from a reliable hosting company otherwise start a free blog on Blogger or with Wordpress and try to write. You must buy a good web hosting for a full functional web site from a good company that is reliable, secure, no downtime error and awesome customer support.

Cheapest hosting with low quality has many problems like slow page loading, bandwidth is very small and also the disk space, poor security, poor quality customer support etc.

As you are newbie so you might faces many problems setting up your first web site. An excellent hosting company will give you online support continuously to solve your problem. They will help you by chatting, email, and phone or by ticket. A good hosting company has enough staff to help you 24*7 hours.

If you want to start your business with a cheap web hosting company who offers hosting for a very low price then you may start it but later you will experience the lack of their customer support. For the most popular low quality hosting service has this primary problem. As an example---

“Suppose your website is down for some error and your customers cannot see your store and you have complained about this problem but they are not responding or they have responded after a long time and has told you to wait for 24 hours but after 24 hours they have not solved your problem! How boring is that! This is the most common problem that a cheap hosting user faces.”

A cheap hosting company starts their hosting plans from 1.0$ to 2.0$ in a month and they ask to pay the bill monthly and sometimes the lowest price is for the first three months and later they ask 4$/month for a year and for the two year hosting they ask 7$/month. So are they cheap! I am not getting enough facilities for them so why should I buy it!  

The most critical issues of a cheap hosting is spammers, hackers etc. Use this hosting and you are sharing your IP with their sites and it is not good for your customers or your business. They may hack your site easily and can send newsletter to your clients. So you may lose your customers as the customer wants to unsubscribe your e-mail newsletter and even you will get your website down, domain hijack and will face so many problems.

So always buy a hosting from secure, reliable, affordable hosting companies. The difference between the prices of a premium good host and a dirt cheap host is few bucks. A premium hosting like Bluehost may cost you 3.95$ to 9$ in a month and you will get a secure web store. There are many premium companies who offer a free trial or 90 days money back guarantee. So buy a good website hosting and make money from your business. 

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