16 tips to get quickly hired in Elance

Elance is one of the best marketplaces for freelancers. I love it. I am also a freelancer in Elance. I was getting bored working at the oDesk and moved to Elance and I am now happy with it. But it is very tough to get quickly hired in Elance because the buyer (who hired people) is very conscious about the skills and expertise of the contractor. It may take about six months to get a job on Elance if you don’t know how to get a job quickly. Follow the below steps and complete it and I think within 7 days you will be hired.

1.        Complete your profile with all the necessary information’s.

2.        Write down your objectives and choose your job categories.

3.        Create a video about your experience and expertise and about your skills and upload it on YouTube and link it to your profile.

4.        Take related exam and join in groups.

5.        Become a pro-member to increase the job application quota.

6.        Verify your identity.

7.        If possible verify your credentials.

8.        Include your previous experience and job details.

9.        Create a website and upload there your working samples and include there your services.

10.      On your website write down a long bio about your work experience in related field, give references to some people, include testimonials.

11.      Add your contact information to your website and a live ticket or support system.

12.      Include your recent photos in your bio on the website.

13.      Write a blog about your work experience and about yourself in your website and it will make you an active member of the website and your clients will feel that he may catch you anytime as you are very active in your work.

14.      Place a bid for a medium amount of money.

15.      Read the job description very well and write in details that what you can give him.

16.      Write an awesome cover letter.

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