How to start affiliate marketing?

Affiliation is one of the best ways to make money from internet. Thousands of people are engaged to this work and are earning from home.

What is affiliation?

With an example I am discussion affiliation. Suppose you have a grocery shop and you want to increase your sell so you offer if anybody help me to sell or direct sell products from my grocery shop then I will give you 10% commission. So affiliation is a commission based earnings.

affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing

How much money I can earn from affiliate marketing?
There is no limit of earnings in affiliate marketing if you can choose good products. Average earnings of affiliate marketers are about 1,500$ per month. Is that not enough, huh! I think yes. Affiliate marketing is not easy as I always said making money is not so easy. You have work hard and hard and even harder.
How much money I have to spend for starting affiliate marketing?
If you don’t have money or don’t want to invest right now then it’s ok. You can invest or not that is your choice but for better result you should invest money because you need some tools and website, domain, hosting for it. You can start without investment but it will take time to reach your target rather than the investment.
How to select a good affiliate program?
Selecting a good affiliate program is very important because your earning depends on it. You should choose an affiliate program which is very popular and trendy and its necessity will not end and the conversion rate will not be less than 5% and referral rate will not be less than 8%.
Which tools I need?
At the first you need to choose a good product which is very popular to people and price is medium. Before you start you should choose the product which you have used and its popularity will never go an end. Product selection is most important because a good selection of product can makes you lots of money.

Tools you needed:

  1. A website
  2. Keyword Research tool
  3. Article Writing Or Spinning tool
  4. Link building Software
To start your affiliate marketing you need a blog or a website. You can create it for free on BlogSpot. Learn how to create a blogger blog. It is needed a domain and a hosting and a good template for your blog regarding your products. A domain may cost 10$ and a hosting also may cost 4$. Buy domain and hosting from a reliable source. Below is a list of affordable and secure domain and hosting services from there choose yours’ one.
  1. Bluehost hosting 2.95$ per month
  2. Hostgator hosting 3$ per month
  3. Dreamhost hosting 5$ per month
  4. FatCow hosting 3$ per month
Bluehost, Hostgator, Dreamhost offers free domain name if you buy their hosting package. FatCow is the cheap one; you may also choose your package from them. If you don’t want to use the free one then you can buy your domain from Godaddy. Godaddy is the biggest market place for domain name. Choose your domain name related to your products. Find your targeted domain name using domain buying tools.

When your domain and hosting is ready then you need to create your website. Now-a-days word press is the most popular content based management system that most of the people are using. You must create a website with Word Press. There are so many reasons for using word press as a CMS. Hire freelancer to customize your website or learn it from YouTube. Word press is very easy to navigate. It is user friendly and there are lots of plugins help to customize it easily. Use an awesome word press theme.
Keyword Research tool:
Keyword research is very important for any internet marketing. Researching a keyword will give you an idea of how people are searching for your products which you want to promote. You should have to learn keyword research very well. There are top 5 keyword research tool those you can use for your targeted best keywords. There are also top 5 free keyword research tools those you also may use for it. But paid version of any software gives the best result. So you may buy a good one.
Writing tools:
When your website is ready then you need to write good quality reviews about your products. You can write it manually or write it using software like Magic article re-writer pro, article spinner. Manually writing product review is the best because a machine or software doesn't understand human emotion. If you write reviews you will add some emotion and try to focus the best quality of the products which other affiliate marketers did not mention. To write a product review about your promoting products take a research over the Google. There are lots of people who are also promoting products like you check out their reviews and research on it; Which points they are missing, how they are offering the products, what is the tone of their writings etc. Take a look at social media like face book, twitter, Google plus and see what people are asking about the product. You may also take a look at yahoo answer because it is a good place for your product research and you will get so many ideas to include in your writings. Darren Rowse said that he promote products after using it because he don’t want to lose his customers. If a product is good after his using then he promotes it. So if you can do the same because it will helps you write good quality killer product reviews. Article re-writing or spinning tools will be needed when you will market your products because then you have to write tons of article to publish it on article directory.
Link building tools:
I think your website is ready to go and now you need to market your website for revenue optimization so you need tools to do it or you can manually create links for it. It is a matter of time and money. If you want to save time then needs to spend money to buy a good link building software. Content is king to Google but to make sells you need customers; link building will drive lots of potential customer for your business. According to Google if your website is linking with tons of websites then Google will consider it a good website but the trend has now changed. Google loves the best content and gives a website extra value if the website is popular in social network websites because people loves to share the best thing with their friends. I will not tell you to buy link building softare rather than you can do it manually. I will show you how to drive traffic from free resources and it’s really awesome. You just need to know how to do it. Keyword ranking is a good idea but it also can be done with simple task that you will also know. If you can successfully market your website then within short time you will be a successful affiliate marketer.
So if you follow those simple tips and perform those tasks successfully within short time you can make money and will be a renowned affiliate marketer.

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