5 ways to make money from Facebook

It is very rare to find a person who doesn't have any Facebook account.  There are lots of registered users on Facebook. To reach near the potential customers most of the companies are using Facebook for marketing their products. You can use Facebook to make money. There are several ways to make money online,  those are…

make money online

Selling Facebook group: If you have a Facebook group and in your group there are lots of people then you can sell it. You can sell  it on online market place.

Selling Facebook fans: Most of the companies and business person have their own Facebook fan page. They need more and more fans to sell their products and so they are busy with increasing fans. You can increase Facebook fans and can sell fans. If you can provide potential fans then for every 1k fans you can ask 30$ easily. There are also lots of ways to increase Facebook fans. You can use a website or share the fan page with your friends and ask them to like the fan page. There are also lots of companies who also provide Facebook fans. Or you can buy it from fiver. You can buy it cheaply from fiver for only 5$. So you are saving 25$.

Selling your fan page: If you an admin of a fan page and if you have lots of active fans in your fan page then you can sell it easily.

Promoting affiliate link: If you are an affiliate marketer and want to make money from Facebook then you can share your affiliate link and if the fans are targeted then it will not take time to sell.

Selling traffic: You have created a fan page and you don’t want to sell it then make money from it. If you have lots of fans then do a little work. Share website link and fans to check out the link. Every day thousands of fans will click on the link and they will be visiting the website. You can offer your services in fiver or in digital point market place. There are lots of clients who are very eager to buy social traffic to go viral. So don’t miss this chance to make money from your fan page.

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