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BlueHost is one of the secure and also cheap web hosting companies and it is now very popular web host and its popularity can be measured by the popularity of the Wordpress CMS. Do you know why it is so popular? I think you cannot answer and to find the answer I tried my best and I really got it.

After researching and studying on world’s top 10 web hosting company’s review I was really very interested to write this review on blue host. I have read about 300 user review about BlueHost and here I am summing up their experience and also my experience with BlueHost. I actually did a research on the world’s top 10 secure and cheapest hosting web companies and what I found was really interesting. I think you will enjoy it.

About BlueHost

BlueHost is a professional web hosting and they have given their services since 1996. They have a secure and a professional looking website with 24 hours live support. They have a great feature cPanel and it is really easy to navigate. If you don’t know how cPanel works you can learn it from the dummy cPanel and it really works. BlueHost has hosted over 1000k web sites all over the world for a very low price. There are about 79 features of BlueHost and here I am introducing a few of them.  

Features of BlueHost

v It supports about all the databases including MySql and Postgre and also FTP.

v  You can use lots of (unlimited) parked domains, add-on domains, sub-domains, unlimited disk spaces and also unlimited bandwidth.

v 1 click script installs and also support about all the CMS.

reviews of bluehost
Features Of Bluehost
v It supports all the scripting languages including PHP5, Python, Perl, and Ruby on Rails etc.

v Totally free domain and free site builder and there are tons of website template.

v 100$ Google Advertising offer.

v Custom Cronjobs, Log Files, Spam assassin protection, customizable error pages, web file manager, Secure Shell access, site statics, override .htaccess support.

v Multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet connection, Linux operating system, UPS power backup, Apache web server, Dual quad processor performance servers.

Packages and Pricing

4.95$ monthly fee for all the hosting packages and a free domain with it and there is no set up fees.  

Bandwidth and Disk Space

BlueHost offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space (More than 99.95% customer enjoys this facility). But it will not be applicable for file sharing. For file sharing website you need a VPS or a Dedicated server (Now 50% off on VPS and on dedicated server).

Terms of BlueHost

The term of BlueHost is simple and easy. If you use their normal hosting plan for file sharing then they will suspend your account because they recommend you to use their VPS or Dedicated hosting for that and they may suspend your account and they will also give you 48 hours to change the hosting plan.

Fast & Secure Server

They have introduced “Xenon Server” which is very fast and also secure. Security is a big factor for the web masters and BlueHost is giving them the best security services ever.

Best customer support

BlueHost is an affordable web hosting company and its customer support is awesome. They have a toll free number on their website to talk with them and also live chat system and ticket system on their website. After reading so many customers review I have come to know that their customer support is the best among the entire web hosting companies.


So if you are looking for a cheap, fast and secure web hosting you can easily use BlueHost without any hesitation. There are also other cheap and secure web hosting companies you may try.

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