6 ways to know how friendly is your web hosting for your business

For your e-commerce business you have chosen web hosting services but does your chosen company is your friend? There are so many things to consider knowing the answer of the question. You should have to look into it before purchasing any hosting package.

      ·        How long they are giving their services?
Select a web host who are giving their services from long ago. At least they are in the market for about ten years and check out their reputation.

      ·        Do they ask more money for their disk space?
You need not disk space more than 1 GB for blogging. Basically the average blogger uses 50 MB of the disk space. But for your online store or for download site you need more disk space.

      ·        Do they have an SSL Certificate?
If you want to sell products online then you need an SSL certificate because it will give you extra security. So customers and buyers can buy the products without any hesitation and your money will not be stolen.

      ·        Do they ask you for a long term agreement?
If your web host is your friend then you need not any long-term bond. Many bad companies have been asking for a contract for three months, six months, a year and so on.

      ·        How are they behaving with you?
As a website owner you must face many problems with your site and you have to contact with them. The most important factor of a good web hosting company is customer support. Hostgator is an award winning company and they are losing their customers’ for their customer support on the other hand Bluhost is rising up for their best customer support. If your web store is offline for some issues you always want to see your site live so you must contact with the hosting company and their good support can help you to solve this problem quickly otherwise you may lose some of your customers.

     ·        What is offering to you?
You may get all the necessary things from a good friend. Are they offering you the below tools and application…

ü  One Click Script Install
ü  WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal Easy Install
ü  CMS Install (More than 50)
ü  CGI Script Install
ü  Web Site Builder
ü  PHP Update
ü  Any Script Install
ü  Software Update
ü  Database Transfer
ü  Mysql Database
ü  Domain Transfer
ü  24*7 Hours Live Support
ü  Free Advertisement Award
ü  Phone Support
ü  cPanel
ü  Uptime Guarantee

So before you buy any cheap hosting package you should consider the above things. You just take a research on this blog and you will find so many helpful instructions for finding a good web hosting service.

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