Hostgator reviews; how people are cheating you!

Are you tired of reading Hostgator reviews? There are lots of reviews on Hostgator and people write reviews on it to earn through their affiliate links. So they don’t tell the truth about Hostgator. I am writing this review to reveal the truth about Hostgator web hosting. To read the real reviews on Hostgator visit their Forum and also check out their “customer reviews”.  I am highlighting the most important features of Hostgator.

About Hostgator

It is a web hosting company located in the USA. Brent Oxley is the Chairman of this company and he is the founder of this company too. There are about twelve thousand servers of Hostgator and it hosts about 8 million domains.

Disadvantages of Hostgator host

 v Most of the people buy “Shared Hostgator hosting” so as a user you will never get fast speed like Bluehost (as they are using Xenon’s Server) because you are sharing your server with about 600-1000 people though the speed is better than any other hosting company.

 v The most important thing I have noticed that their customer support is not so good. Most of the people who used their services are given up for their “customer support”.  They have a toll free number to call anytime, 24 hours “Live Chat (24*7)” and also ticket system. Most of the people blame them for their “Customer support”. But overall it is good, actually not bad.

Advantages of Hostgator

 v I am hosting about 10 domains on Hostgator and I have never seen any downtime or any complaint from tons of visitors. Though I mentioned about “slow” speed but my visitors don’t have any problem with it.

 v I have also hosted 3 domains in other host but I have found Hostgator one of the best cheap web hosting companies. They have lots of features like Bluehost and they offer a free domain with the hosting plan. You can install scripts, CMS etc. easily. They also have “One Click Script and Wordpress installation” system and sometimes they offer 2 cents for the normal hosting plan that most people are using for their web presence. They have also coupon code and you can buy their hosting package with 25% discount. Here is the coupon code…..

In my personal opinion Hostgator is one of the best cheap web hosting companies. You can buy a hosting package from them without any hesitation.

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