How to make money from Hubpages?

Hubpages is a good place for writers to make money online.  The writer who writes articles in Hubpages is called a “Hubber”. There are thousands of writer’s who are making money every month.  It is a place for earning money by sharing your personal thoughts and tutorials in words.

Ways to make money:-

There are four ways to make money from Hubpages that is the Google Ad sense, e-Bay, Hubpages referral and Amazon product affiliation.  According to Hubpages writers 2$ earning from every article in a month from Ad sense. But you can earn more if you know keyword research very well.

How to start:-

Join in Hubpages and complete your profile, upload a recent good photo of you and write a “hub”. Hubpages article is called a “Hub”.  On the right there is a button “Start your new hub”, please write your hub and hit publish. Before publishing, please review it. Your hub will be live at that moment but Hubpages team will review your content. They check poor quality content, grammatical errors, spelling errors and illegal content and information. After revision your content will be live forever on the Hubpages.

Content writing:-

If you decided to make money from Hubpages then SEO (Search engineoptimization) friendly content writing is very important for you. I have told you before that an average people are making 2$ from an article but if you can write SEO friendly killer content then only one article can make you 2 dollars per day.

How to make money:-

Publish 20 hubs in order to consider in applying Google Ad sense and also sign up on Amazon as an affiliate. When your Ad sense and Amazon is ready then add capsules (Ad sense and Amazon gadget). When every your post is seen or when readers click on the Ad sense ad you will be paid and if they buy product then you will also get a commission.  Promote your hubs in social networks and social bookmarking sites and engage as many people as you can.

Money withdraws:-

You can withdraw money with PayPal. Go to the setting area and add your PayPal email to your Hubpages account. It is easy to withdraw.

Now enjoy your earnings…

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