Secrets of writing SEO friendly killer content

The SEO friendly killer article is an article which draws the attention of readers and as well as search engines’.  So a good combination of keywords and excellent information can make a content killer and SEO friendly. 

How to write SEO friendly article

To write SEO friendly killer content we first need to research keyword.  In my blog my keyword is “make money online”

1. Use keyword in the title of the article. Take a little keyword research when you are selecting your article title.

    2.Place keyword in the first 160 words of the introduction of your article because Google crawlers crawls first 160 words of an article first.

     3. Use keywords 1-5% in the article, don’t use more than that because using so many keywords may bother readers.  But I have read in so many blog posts which tell to use 5%-20% use of keywords in an article. But in my opinion it is not fair.

    4. Break the keywords and place it in the body. In my blog I am using “make money online” as my keyword, when I decided to write an article I try to place my keyword in the title and then in the body I use “money online”, “make money”, online money”, “money” etc. I broke the keyword and used it. 

SEO friendly killer content

     5. Place a keyword in the bottom of the article too. 

     6. Optimize the image you have used in your article.

     7.The length would be 500 to 1500 words.

     8. People like stories so try writing it as like stories. 

    9.Write series posts and it is very effective for your blog too. You can write any kind of useful tutorial. 

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