How to get data entry jobs online or in your area?

Earning money is not so easy; it is really a very hard job. People around the world is moving behind the money and trying to find out the easiest ways to make money. The virtual world has also given us a chance to make money beside our day job. There are lots of online jobs but data entry is the easiest one. There is a problem of getting a legitimate data entry job because there are lots of companies who are telling people to give them work for paid subscription and people want to earn money without any invest. I want to get a data entry job for free in accordance of your skills.

Skills required:

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word
Competency in English
Typing speed with accuracy
Web Research

Search jobs: -

Below i have described how to find a legitimate data entry job. Please read it...

Classified ads: -

Most of the people on the internet search for data entry jobs and in most of the cases they get scammed companies who don’t really pay the workers so you have to find a good data entry companies or an online job in your local area. Search for data entry jobs classified ads website. Local companies post ads in classified website. So you will find them easily. Read the job description and apply with your resume.

Search engine search: -

You can also search for data entry jobs searching the web. When you are searching data entry companies you will find a list of related search companies arises on the first page, choose companies from the beginning and go to their website and read about their services and payment options. Now go to Google search for the user review about the company. If you find most people are earning from the company then you can join with them.

From discussion: -

Lots of people are asking questions in various forums and from their questions and answer you can find the legitimate data entry companies. To find a keyword related discussion at first put your keyword in Google search engine and below the search bar there is “More” tab and select “Discussion” and press enter and all the discussion on your keyword will appear on the screen. Take a look at the below image…


Freelance jobs: -

In freelancing websites there are thousands of data entry jobs. It is very easy to find a legitimate data entry job on freelance website like—oDesk, Elance, Freelancer, Guru etc. As a freelancer I recommend you to work on Elance for several good reasons that I am not discussing in this article. But it is very tough for you to get a job on Elance if you don’t know howto get quickly hired in Elance.  

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