How to make money with shareasale?

Shareasale is a company who is dominating the affiliate marketing world since 2000 and it is a legit company who is giving you a chance to make money online. There are publishers and advertisers too. Advertiser publishes their ads and publisher promotes advertisers ads or products. There are three ways to earn that is

  1. pay per sell
  2. pay per lead
  3. and
  4. pay per click.
With pay per sell you have to join the affiliate program and have to sell the products. If you can sell abiding by all the rules and regulations of the advertiser then you will get a percentage of commission. There are up to 350$ commission in some programs.

With pay per lead you have to make lead. As many as lead you can make you will earn more. There are about 50$ up to per lead and there are also pay per click programs which is like Google ad sense but the pay per click rate is low.

Shareasale pays their publisher twice a month. They have really awesome review. They will never cheat you. If you are fair with them then they are also fair with you. If you don’t follow their guidelines then they will reject your account. Their monthly payment threshold is 50$. There are tons of advertisers and publishers in shareasale. You can get cash by check or PayPal. Their live support is really awesome. Publishers and advertisers are very important for them because they are making money with them. I am really glad to become a publisher of shareasale. Join ShareASale now and earn as much as you can. :P

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