How to apply for HSC admission with teletalk sim in Bangladesh?

Ministry of Education Board Of Bangladesh has introduced SMS based admission with teletalk mobile SIM. Go to mobile message option and type CAD <Space> Targeted College EIIN Number <Space> Name Of Desired Group <Space> S.S.C / Equivalent examination board`s first three letter<Space> S.S.C or Equivalent examination roll no <Space> S.S.C or Equivalent examination Year <Space> Name Of Shift <Space> Version <Space> Name Of the Quota if you have any quota and send it to 16222 number.

CAD  <Space> EIIN <Space> Group <Space> Board <Space> Roll  <Space>  Year of Passing  <Space> Version  <Space>  Quota and send it to 16222

CAD 696954 S DHA 123456 2014 M B FQ 

(Here 696954 is the EIIN number of your desired college EIIN number, Please download EIIN number of all the government college, S stands for group as an example S stands for Science, DHA stands for Dhaka board, if your board is jessore then you write JES, 123456 stands for S.S.C or equivalent examination roll number, 2014 is the year of passing, M for shift if you can choose any of the shift, B for Bangle version and FQ for freedom fighter quota)


Science:                         S
Humanities:                       H
Business Studies:                  B
Home Economics:                  E
Islamic Studies:                    I

For Shift:

Morning:                M
Day:                   D
Evening:                E

If there is no shift in the college then type “N”

For Version:
For Bangla version “B” and for English version type “E”

For quota:

For freedom fighter quota type “FQ”, for the child of the workers of the education ministry and institute under education ministry should type “EQ” for the quota and for special quota announced by the college should type “SQ”. If the student has more than one quota then they will type both of the quotas separated by comas as like this FQ, SQ. If there is no quota then you should not have to write anything.

If you successfully send the SMS then you will get another SMS with a PIN number. You have to resend another SMS …

CAD <Space> Yes <Space> PIN number given by the first SMS <Space> Contact Number of the applicant and send it to 16222 numbers.

One applicant can apply in a college in various groups in various shifts and for each application 120 TK will be charged from your Teletalk sim.

The last date of admission through SMS is 12/06/2014 midnight 11.59.

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