Download all the EIIN Number For SMS Based College Admission -2014

Bangladesh Ministry of Education has introduced a digital system for applying HSC admission through SMS with Teletalk Sim and EIIN number is very important for this.  I have tried to find all the government college EIIN number but most of the website I found EIIN number of all the colleges and schools but I need only Government College’s EIIN number for HSC admission.  Here I am publishing all the government college’s EIIN number which are you looking for.

What is EIIN number?

EIIN number stands for ‘Educational Institute Identification’ and those EIIN numbers are given by Bangladesh Ministry of Education board.

Why should you download Government Published EIIN Number and Use this EIIN Number for HSC admission?

There are lots of website where there is EIIN number but I recommend you to download the below EIIN Number PDF which has been given by Bangladesh Ministry Of Education Board because if you use WRONG EIIN Number then your application may send another college rather than your desire college. So be 100% sure about your desired college EIIN Number.  So download the below PDF. 

EIIN number of Dhaka Board 21 Government College

   1.       Uttara Town College EIIN Number  108564

   2.      Fazlul Haque Mohila College EIIN Number 108511

   3.       NOTRE DAME COLLEGE EIIN Number 108274

   4.       QUEEN MARY COLLEGE EIIN Number 134219

   5.       Mohakhali Girls School & College EIIN Number 111923

   6.       B. N. COLLEGE, DHAKA CANTT. EIIN Number 107854

   7.       Rajuk Uttara Model College EIIN Number 108573

   8.       Adamjee Cantonment College EIIN Number 107855

   9.       Dhaka Residential Model College EIIN Number 108528

  10.   National Ideal College EIIN Number 132078

  11.   Holycross College EIIN Number 130757

  12.   Dhaka College EIIN Number 107977

  13.   Savar College EIIN Number 108453

  14.   Savar Cantonment Public School & College EIIN Number 108459

  15.   Kendua College EIIN Number 113076

  16.   Kapasia College EIIN Number 109323

  17.   Savar Laboratory College EIIN Number 108453

  18.   Shahid Smriti Adarsha College, Nandail EIIN Number 112070

  19.   Konabari College, Gazipur EIIN Number 109037

  20.   Lal Mia City College EIIN Number 109482


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