why should you buy Samsung Curved Screen 65 Inch TV?

Samsung curved screen 65 inch UN65H8000 smart TV is a combination of beautiful design and its picture quality and sound quality is also very high. Julie a user of this Samsung curved screen TV told that she is so amazed by its sound quality. She bought this as she wants to taste the new technology of the TV and she is very happy. She is very happy for the 3D features, but she is disappointed at the lack of 3D movies. She included that when she watches 3D movies wearing the 3D glasses it seems she is also a character of the movie and it’s really interesting.

Reviews on samsung curved screen UN65H8000 model TV

B.J Mack other women who have also bought this TV and using it and She added that her husband did not face any  problem setting up the Samsung UN65H8000 model curved  TV though her husband’s age is 85 and the TV is smarter than them.

Why should you buy Samsung UN65H8000 TV?

When you are watching Samsung curved screen TV then you will feel like you are a part of the movie. The “Proprietary heliocentric technology” gives a clear vision of the images from every single angle of the TV. Those technologies also create perfect image quality with the exact color

Features Of Samsung Curved TV:

Curved Body:

Samsung UN65H8000 65inch curved screen tv

As I stated above, it supports proprietary technology so viewers can watch the accurate picture with 3D quality.  It also creates the panoramic effect and with this effect it feels the picture so bigger.

Auto Depth Enhancer Technology:

Samsung curved slim tv

It is a picture technology that automatically adjusts the contrast in depth. So the picture you watch seem more natural.

Exact Black Local Dim:

Samsung 3d tv 65 inch

It’s a sharp contrast, combining with exact black, dim and it gives greater contrast of the picture. So the picture looks great.

Color Combination:

Samsung curved tv picture quality

It has “Wide Color Enhancer Plus” and it creates a wide range of colors so you will enjoy enriched color pictures.

Motion Rate Is 1200:

Samsung tv curving angel

The “Motion Rate” Of Samsung UN65H8000 65 Inch curved screen 3D smart TV is 1200.

Elegant TV:

Elegant style samsung curved tv

Explore the world with Samsung curved TV. Its processor is very powerful and it has helpful tools. Enter into the world of entertainment with this smart TV.

Elegant focus:

Newly released samsung curved screen 65 inch tv

Enjoy the world; the elegant hubs organize the entertainment into five panels. Watch live TV, Streaming content, movies, social networks, games and apps etc and much more.

Elegant Remote Control:

Elegant remote control of samsung curved tv

The remote control is very smart. You can also navigate the TV by talking on the built-in microphone of the remote control. There is also a touch pad for easy navigation.

Other features:

samsung smart 3d tv

       1.       You can control your TV with your voice.
       2.       It works like a computer. You can shop from the internet; browse social networks, YouTube Tec.
       3.       Play movies, songs etc from your USB. Just connect your USB flash drive and boom….

2160p (UHD)
Quad Plus
Clear Motion Rate
Bezel Width
3D Glasses
4 SSG-3550CR


The price of Samsung UN65H8000 model curved TV is $1,797.99. Though the price may be very high for you but to enjoy the new invention of Science you should try this. People who have bought the TV are very happy and they invite people to visit their house so they can show their new TV to them and they are praised by their friends. Not for entertainment, buy this TV to feel the world; to feel the new invention of Science.

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