WordPress blog hosting secrets in 2014

To find a good Wordpress website hosting you have to take lots of research and you might face many problems finding an affordable web host. There are tons of hosting services around the web but they have so many limitations and they also have hidden fees. There are some factors to consider when choosing a cheap and secure web host with excellent features. The below instructions will help you to find the best Wordpress blog hosting package. 

Why should you use WordPress?

WordPress is the most useful and most popular blogging platform around the web. Millions of bloggers are using the WordPress CMS as their favorite blogging platform. WordPress is so

best wordpress blog hosting company in 2014
Best WordPress Blog Hosting Companies
popular because of its flexibility and for its powerfulness. It is easy to set up and also the navigation process and also it is best for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). User can easily install themes, can customize it easily and can use tons of plugins for free for the betterment of their website.

Below is a list of reasons for that people love WordPress friendly web hosting service…

  o   It is user friendly and you need not prior knowledge to build a site with it and WordPress CMS based website is easy to navigate.

  o   It is the best CMS for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are lots of SEO plugins for doing SEO of your webpage.

  o   There are tons of those themes you can use for free and the theme management is really easy.

  o You can edit your website; can give it more functionality editing the theme easily.

  o Wordpress has a large community and you can get the solution of your problems with their forum as thousands of people around the web are skilled in WordPress.

Considerations of WordPress Hosting

The web host should have the below features to install WordPress on their server…

  Ø  PHP Version 5 or Greater

  Ø  MySQL Version 5 or Greater

  Ø  Is your web server support mod_rewrite option? If you want to run multiple domains then you need httpd.conf file and ask them about this file. It configures the hosts of the web server for your multiple domains.

  Ø  Is your web host support one click script installing? It will reduce the time frame of your work and with just a click you can install WordPress on the host. Bluehost, Hostgator support this feature.

Now-a-days most of the hosting company is giving their valuable customers one click install facilities. But don’t be so happy to hear this. Make sure one click script installs feature is included in the hosting package that you are ready to purchase.

What the client asks for from the web page hosting company?

   o  Customer support must be excellent because people don’t want to compromise with the money they are making from their website

   o   Uptime guarantee must be 99%

   o   Will be fast server and also

   o   The Security would be very strong

Secure and affordable WordPress hosting in 2014

Use Bluehost, Hostgator, Dreamhost, Godaddy and 1&1 for your Wordpress webpage hosting because these are the most secure and best rated hosting company. Bluehost runs on Xenon server and their security level is very high and their customer support is awesome and they also support 1Click WordPress install. Because of its security level, fast server (Xenon Server), customer support they are growing their business and most popular like Wordpress. You should read reviews and others article from this blog before taking your decision. In this blog I had shared excellent tips to find the real reviews on hosting. You should read it and everything will be clear to you like water.  Please don’t buy iPage, FatCow hosting services for a low price. Their price is very low as with their services. 

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