4 mistakes to choose a web hosting service

If we learn from the other people’s mistakes then we shouldn’t have to face those mistakes. So let’s see what mistakes people are doing when choosing web hosting packages. 

3 types of mistakes

mistakes done by people when choosing web hosting
Web hosting mistakes

Nobody is perfect, people makes mistakes; but the mistake can be the cause by donating extra money to the web hosting company and the cause of down of your website.

Finding the cheapest hosting web

People do not spend lots of money to their online business so you are the one who also investing couple hundred dollars for your business.  Should you choose the unqualified cheapest hosting for your web site for a very low price? I say ‘NO’. There is a huge gap between the prices. iPage is very popular because they offer web hosting for 2.00$ but Bluehost, Hostgator also offers hosting for 3.95$ and 3.80$. There is a huge difference between their services. You would face so many problems with the low quality hosting.

Don’t go for free hosting

There are many web site domain services who are offering you a free web hosting but you should never go for it. Because the domain provider company specializes in domain and I can assure you their website hosting server is not so secure and also the website hosting services. If you want to blog then I would recommend you to use a host that is good for Wordpress (Supports 1 Click Wordpress installs, scripts etc.) Or if you want to run your online e-commerce businesses then buy website hosting from a reputed hosting company that supports shopping carts.

Automatic website set up

Your website hosting company may tell you that they have an auto install, upgrades, and backup etc. But you have to do it manually when your hosting account is ready.

Read real reviews

People try to make money promoting affiliate products by writing reviews. Don’t be so happy to read the review. There is a question there are lots of reviews out there over the internet but how can I find real users review? I have clearly discussed it in my Hostgator reviews.


This is a very simple instruction to choose the cheapest hosting web. I think you have clearly understood it. If you have any question please leave it in the comment box.

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