Secrets of Increasing website/blog traffic by blog commenting

Comments are the life of a blog or a website. To rank up a website or a blog in Google, it is very important to build related link and most of the Search engine optimization (SEO) experts comment on do-follow blogs with anchor text for keyword ranking in Google for their blogs/websites. But their intention is only page rank not traffic from their comments. But if the comments can be placed beautifully then it can drive huge traffic to the blog. Let’s see how we can do this…

Find a high page rank post in your niche and read the post and then analysis the post. Take a paper and a pen and write down what the writer has missed in his writing and what points he has included that you did not know. Compare the writings with your writings and then write it in the comment section.  

In your comment you will include---

1.  Which things or points the writer has missed?
2.  Is his ideas are 100% correct?
3.  What is your opinion?
4.  Are you satisfied with his writings?
5.  Give him a suggestion
6.  Show your expertness in your comment and
7.  Always inspire him
8.  Try to keep your comments between 100-160 words

If you are ready to go then place your blog address with anchor text to tell him to visit your blog.

At the first of this article I have told you to find a high page rank niche blog post because a high page rank post gets lots of traffic from Google search. You can use keyword research tool to find out the high traffic volume keyword in your niche to find the high page rank blog post and it would be a very good idea.  Every day you make one comment and after indexing your comment in Google check your blog/website traffic source in Google analytics.

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