7 ways to drive traffic to your blog in 2013

It is very easy to create a blog and it is very tough to create a blog with necessary traffic. I will share some special tips in this post which is very essential for bloggers.

      Join in those communities where there is your potential targeted readers

Take time to find your targeted readers, in the forum you will get lots of readers. So find a good forum in your niche and start a discussion. Reply to answers, ask questions and as much as you can post in the forum. If your forum readers see you have done so many posts then they will be interested to check out your profile. Please always add your own photos. Don’t use any logos in as your profile photos.

     Write SEO friendly  blog post

Search engine drives lots of readers and traffic to a website or in a blog. Most of the internet users use the Google search engine for searching. In 2011 a survey tells that per day 3 billion internet user searches in Google search bar. So it is very interesting and productive if you can drive traffic using search engine but it is not very easy. To drive traffic from search engine you need to write SEO friendly content for your blog. It is said by SEO specialists that if you can write SEO friendly content for your blog then 80% SEO is already completed. Read…
Secrets of writing an SEO friendly killer article

     Share your post on social networks

There are about 200 million users on twitter, Facebook has 150 million and Google plus has about 100 million users so if you can promote your business in those social networks you will get thousands of readers daily. These social networks can make your blog post viral if your content is good.

     Add image, drawing, graph in your content

Add content related image in your blog and optimize it and when you are uploading images in Flickr then watermark it with your blog address.

      Research keywords
When you are writing articles the please research keyword. Use high volume monthly search keywords in your content.

      Join in StumbleUpon and in Slashdot

StumbleUpon and Reddit is one the biggest network from where you can get thousands of website traffic in a minute. 

      Comment in niche related blog

It is one of the best ways to drive huge traffic and it also helps you to increase Google page rank of your blog or website. But to drive traffic from blog commenting you should have to read the entire post and then have to place comments. Please take a look…

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