Hilary Clinton's new book "Hard Choices": Leak secrets of her life's last 14 year

Hillary Rodham Clinton the United State Senator and the first lady of the USA was born on 24th October, 1947. From 2009-2013, she was the Secretary of State under the government of President Barack Hussain Obama. Her newly published book is “Hard Choices” and the book is so inspiring, but the pundits have found nothing in the book what they expected from her. It is now often discussed in social media.  Critics have published many reviews over the internet.  It has published about 24 hours ago. You can get this book from amazon.

Focused Chapter:

The juiciest chapter of the book is “Benghazi chapter” where she remarks to ABC where they told former President Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton were “Dear Broke” after leaving the White House when they struggle for paying “Mortgages for their Houses”. Tuesday, MSNBC’s TV Show “morning Joe conversation centered on Mrs. Hilary Clinton and the remark of ABC news. 

Critics Reviews:

o   Mika Brzezinski quoted one line from the book “We were dear broke and it was not hard” and according to Mika the book was artificial and he thought the quote was a huge mistake and it was planned.

o   David Ignatius at “The Washington Post”, John Dickerson, Michiko and many others famous political reviewers are disappointed after reading the book “Hard Choices”. They have compared it with the book “Duty” written by former defense secretary Robert Gates last year.

o   According to Mr. Dickerson there is no gossip in Mrs. Clincton’s book, but also it gives an insight feeling about the national security policy. The book has 250 pages, but  no depth as people wanted from  her.

o   Mr. Ignatius called Mrs. Clinton’s “Hard Choices” a boring book.

o   Ms. Kakutani considered “Hard Choices” as gathered experience of Mrs. Clinton’s  long political journey, and he found little new news in the book.

o   Mike Allen called it a ‘Newsless Snore’.

Criticism Of Critics Reviews:

When the top reviewer reviewed the book, then the book was just published about 10-18 hours ago. So they did not read the entire book, they just read the reviewer copy and reviewed about Hilary Clinton’s book “Hard Choices”. So within this short time it is not possible to read the entire book (250 Pages). So their review is not perfect.

Reviewer and critics are pioneer and their expectations and ordinary people’s expectations are not same. So the book “Hard Choices” may not fulfill mentor’s expectations, but the book has lots of information and life experiences of Hilary Clinton and political issues and those are really important for you as an ordinary man. She has also given important logic about her role in Benghazi. Mrs. Clinton also illustrated her family life in this book. Her 14 year journey has been illustrated beautifully in “Hard Choices”.

Hilary Clinton’s “Hard Choices” was published about 48 hours ago and 358 people have reviewed now and many reviewers found this very important book. C. Daniels, a reviewer has written,  he is agree with several other reviewers  and recommend people to read this book for what it is and there is insights about how different leaders think on agendas.

It is really enjoyable to read!

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