How to repair damaged USB Flash (Pen) Drive easily with windows 7

Pen drive or flash drive may be damaged in so many ways. You should follow these five steps to use it properly. Damaged USB Flash drive can be repaired if it is not fired. Here i am sharing the tips by which you can repair Pen drive which was damaged because of your wrong usages. To repair your damaged USB Flash drive at first. 

a. Insert it on a computer running with windows 7 operating system.

b. Open "My computer" and right click on the USB Pen drive icon and select "Properties".

        My computer ---> Flash Drive Icon ---> Right click ----> Properties

c. A new window will appear and left click on "Tools" and then "Rebuild".

        Tools ---> Click --- > Rebuild
and wait, It will start repairing.

d. After completing right click on the USB Flash drive icon and "Eject" it.

e. Remove the Pen drive computer and it is now completed.

For MaC Users'----

a. Inside the application folder there is disk "Utility" and double click on it.
Application ---- > Utility

b. Click on the Flash Drive icon and Press the "First Aid" tab.
USB Flash Drive --- > First Aid

c. Wait and after the completion eject the Flash drive and remove it from computer.

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