14 website to earn real money

Micro jobs website

This is a popular micro jobs website. Lots of people around the world is working here and earning money. You cannot create more than one account here. If you have any problem joining this website for the first time then use proxy to sign up or download tor browser and open this website in tor browser and create your account. Though you are trying to join here for the first time but they may show you that you have already signed up from your computer then use tor only.

From Microworkers you can earn 1$ daily but if you want to earn more with Microworkers then you have to follow some other policies.

You can withdraw money if your account reaches 9$. Payment option PayPal, Payza and Moneybookers (Skrill).  I have working experience with Microworkers.

Possible earnings: - 30$/month

Shorttask  : -

This is also a good micro job website. Its policy is as same as Microworkers. You can withdraw money if your account reaches 10$. Payment option is only PayPal.

Possible earnings: - 25$/month

This website gained reputation as a good micro job website.  They have a referral system, if you refer somebody then you will get 0.05$ and if you referred people complete a job successfully then you will get 0.10$.  You can withdraw money if your account reaches 2$ but you have to pay a 10 % fee but if your account reaches 10$ then you don’t need to pay any extra charge for withdrawing money. Payment option is PayPal and Payza.

Possible earnings: - 35$/month

Jobboy: -

You will get 1$ after your first join and it is also a micro job website. There is a referral system here so you have a chance to earn money by referring friends. You can withdraw money if your account reaches above 10$. Payment option is PayPal and Payza.

You will get 10 cent referring a friend and if your referrer earns 10$ then you will get 1.5$. To withdraw money it is needed 5$ on your centworkers account. Payment options are PayPal, Payza and Moneybookers (Skrill).

It is also a micro job website and it also has a referral system. To withdraw money for the first time it is needed 25$ on your account. Payment options are PayPal and Payza.

There are lots of ways to make money online like playing games, taking online surveys, etc. I am giving you some legitimate websites who pays for playing online games and taking surveys.

Games and Surveys

                A.   Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the best websites who pays for watching videos, playing online games, taking surveys etc.  It is a social networking site.  Payment is via PayPal.

               B.   Cash4Offers

If you join cash4offers then you will get 5$ sign up bonus. It is a website like Swagbucks. You can make money playing games, reading emails etc. The minimum payout is 35$. Gold member can receive payment without 72 hours.

               C.   Slicethepie

It is a review site. You have to write reviews about music. They pay from 0.02$ - 0.20$/review. You can withdraw your money if it reaches 10$. Payment option is PayPal.

                D.   Toluna

Toluna is a survey site. You get gift cards, cash, digital items and more by participating in online surveys.

                E.   Epollsurveys

Epollsurveys is a legitimate survey site. They also pay for completing surveys. Their payment options are PayPal or gift cards.

Reading emails

If you are good in English then you can earn money by reading emails. It takes about a minute to read an email. You can also make money by referring friends.

A.   SurfBounty

Surfbounty is a legitimate website who really pays. If you join on surfbounty they will give you a 5$ reward.

B.   QuickRewards

Quickrewards has added new features with reading emails. Their new features are visiting website and more.

C.   AdPaid

From Adpaid you can make money by completing surveys, reading emails and more. The minimum payout is 3.0$.

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