Why Google Ad sense ad is not showing in my blog? – 100% working Solution

If you are having problem with your Ad sense hosted account showing up ads on your custom domain then follow the below instructions. It will work 100%.  

First, Go to your blogger dashboard and click on “Earnings”.

Second, click on “Account setting”.

Third, Go to “Access and authorization” and add your website to “Sites authorized to show ads” and submit it.

Google Ad sense ad not showing
 Ad sense Hosted account problem and solution

If your blog complies with Google Ad sense policies then after reviewing your blog ad sense team will approve your Ad sense and you will see ads on your blog.

Guidelines to make a blog perfect for Google Ad sense

o   Don’t click on your own web site with Google Ad sense ads

o   Don’t encourage people to click on Ad sense ads

o   Write content according to Google’s content guidelines

o   Don’t publish copied content on your blog

o   Always remember Google webmaster guidelines

o   Don’t bring traffic using PTC (Paid to click)

o   Read Google’s Ad Placement policies

o   Add a privacy page on your blog

o   Don’t publish gambling content on your blog

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