4 ways to unlock memory card password

Many people use passwords to lock their mobile memory for the security purpose of their personal things but what happen if they can’t remember the mobile memory password; they will lose all of their personal and important data. But if you know how to unlock memory password then you don’t have any worry.

There are about 4 ways to unlock phone memory. If you are Java phone user you can also do it.

For Symbian OS mobile holder:

It is really very easy if you have a Nokia Symbian OS user. If you don’t know the operating system then you can search the name and the model no of your mobile phone on Google and read the feature. If you don’t have a Symbian phone then borrow it from your friend because the process will work best for Symbian phone.  To remove the password –

1. Connect your phone to a computer with a data cable

  2. Download FExplorer software and install it. The software is also called “memory card password remover” or “memory unlock software”.

   3. Install the software and run it. To continue the whole process make sure you insert the memory card in the phone before.

   4. Run the software and go to “c: /system” and go to “mmcstore”

   5. Send “mmcstore” to your computer and open it with a Notepad and there you will find your memory card password.

Unlock memory card by formatting:

There is another option but it will ask you to format your memory card. Insert memory card into a Symbian phone and press “Format” button and it will ask your password and then use “0000” as the password and press “ok” and it will now formatted and the password will be removed.

Remove memory card password with Java phone:

Visit http://www.getjar.com and download Fexplorer software and install it and run it and then find “mmcstore” and then click on options and select hex/text viewer and there you will find your locked memory card password.

Another way to unlock password protected memory card

Press the “Menu” button and go to “File manager” then “Setting” and then “System folder” and search for the file “mmcstore” and send the file to your computer using a data cable or Bluetooth and open the file using “Notepad” and there you will find the lost password.

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