Watch free streaming movies online with Amazon Prime (40k movies, 350k books)

Amazon prime free streaming movies

Amazon is changing their strategies every year. With the Prime they have given free access to their virtual library which includes lots of books, Movies and TV. They are offering 79$ for their service for a year. But for the first time they are giving you a try for 30 days (30 day free trial).

Details about Amazon prime:-

You can order anything from the Amazon prime warehouse and they shipped it to you within 48 hours from a needle to a big screen HDTV. If you don’t want to wait for 48 hours then you have to spend 4$ additional charge.

If you join with Amazon prime then you can access 40,000 streaming movies and TV shows. If you are a Kindle owner then you some bonus facilities, you can borrow 350k (350,000) books from the Amazon Kindle library.

How to be a member?

It is really very simple. To join with Amazon prime you have made a little sign up though they require 79$ for membership but for you they are giving you a 30 day free trial. I think you should not miss the chance to read an unlimited number of books from Amazon prime.

Save money

When you purchase from Amazon for 20$ or more and it comes to you with free shipping. But if you want to very soon then you have to pay 4$ additional shipping charge. As I told before, from a needle to a big screen HDTV requires the same shipping charge.

Local Express delivery

By local express delivery you can get your products within 24 hours. Local express delivery is available in the cities like Boston, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Seattle, San Bernadine, and Washington DC and in Calif.

Free Kindle books

Kindle fire or kindle owners can access the 350k books from the library. If you are a book lover then it is really good news for you. So you are saving lots of money just only paying 79$ as you don’t need to buy any books.

Offline downloads

They are also giving you an opportunity to download movies, TV shows from the store for free and later you can watch it offline. Most of the people around USA use Netflix (63% people) for watching streaming movies online, but they don’t have any option like download. So it is a new idea of Amazon prime.

TV Episodes

With this you can enjoy the entire TV episode like The Hunger Games, Downtown Abbey and The Avengers.

Special Offer

For the student the Amazon Prime subscription fee is only 39$/year and for the Mom it is 20% off. Actually the Kindle owners are getting the most advantages from Amazon Prime.

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