TOP 10 famous blogs of all time; Million dollar blogger

After reviewing the top ten blogs of all time I think you should also start a blog. If you blog for fun then it may also give you some extra money. Who knows, from your fun you may be a billionaire! So start blogging today.

Ariana Huffinton,  Andrew Breitbart, Kenneth Lerer and Jonah Peretti started the blog since 2005 and it was launched in 2006. AOL bought the blog for 315$ million US dollars. 

2. Techcrunch :-

Micheal Arrington created this blog in 2005 and later sold it to AOL. He sold it for 25 million US dollars.

3. Gawker : -

Nick Denton founded this blog in 2003 and the blog focuses on media and the celebrities. Nick Denton is now owner of 110 million US dollars. 

4. Life Hacker : -

Gina Marie Trapani is the founder of this blog and it was also published in 2005. She has now 120 million US dollars.

5. Mashable :-

Pete cashmore is the founder of this blog and it was also launched in 2005. He was then a teenager. Now his net worth is 100 million US dollars. 

6. Fail blog : -

Ben huh is the owner of this blog. This is a blog for fun. He started his blog since 2008. 

Vitaly Friedman, Sven Lennartz both launched this blog in 2006 and this blog is a very good resource for web designers and developers. 

Kevin P Ryan started this blog in 2009 and from the name of the blog i think you can guess the niche of the blog, the niche blog is business. He is now owner of ~3 million US dollars.

9. Engadget :-

Pete Rojas is the owner of this blog. This blog is on technology and on product reviews. He has a net worth of ~4 million US dollars.

Tina Brown is the owner of this news blog and it was founded in 2008. Tina Brown is in the list of the Forbes most powerful women. She is in number 77. Her net income is ~120 million US dollars.

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